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The Simpler It Seems ·

The Harder To Achieve


People's aesthetics are very different, and people's expectations for products are also very different. The starting point of ACTXA's design is to fully integrate powerful functions with delicate texture without destroying the balance between technology and aesthetics, because for a 100-point product, both are equally important.

This design concept has been recognized by Hong Kong designer STANLEY WONG. He is proficient in various fields such as painting, graphic design and home design, and applies this knowledge to ACTXA's product design. With a unique aesthetic concept "the simpler the design, the more magical it is, the more it can arouse people's interest". Therefore, when STANLEY WONG designed the ACTXA·Z10 air purifier, he hoped to create a simple and technological product. A timeless classic.

He described the design process of ACTXA air purification in this way: "Through the design of Z10, we redefine the aesthetics of air purifiers, explore the physical limits of materials, and balance the distribution of pores as much as possible. This simple detail allows clean air to be evenly distributed to Every corner of my home, I am proud of my designs and honored to offer my most creative designs for a brand dedicated to creating comfortable environments and symbiotic oases for people to eat and grow”

Human Experience Before Technology

The essence of aesthetics is inseparable from human experience, which is more challenging than achieving technological innovation. How to soften the technology, make the product a part of the user's life, and perfectly integrate into the user's living environment.

Therefore, Hong Kong designer STANLEY WONG will use personal experience in the early stage of the design of each ACTXA product, just like an artist's preparation for creating a sculpture, to determine the shape, style and overall appearance of the product. , to ensure perfect integration into the living environment of different groups of people.

Using ACTXA series products, you will immediately feel unprecedented pleasure and be deeply attracted by the meticulous aesthetics brought by the products, as if you are in an oasis, where everything is so natural and comfortable.

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ACTXA Aesthetics · Chief Designer

STANLEY WONG studied in the Department of Product Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China. In 1994, he established PEAK DESIGN and UNITED INNOVATION STUDIO in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. In the next 30 years, it has been creating excellent design works with its unique forward-looking and fashionable tentacles, serving many international famous brands.


The categories include: home appliances, audio, electronic digital products, personal beauty products, smart home products, children's toys, etc., covering the surrounding areas of life, and successfully designed and developed thousands of works, some of which even set industry benchmarks.

Repeated iF Design Award Winner
Won the IDEA Industrial Design Award
China High-End Home Appliances Red Top Award
Winner of Red Dot Design Award Several Times
Won Outstanding Innovation Leader Award
Repeated CES Innovation Awards Winner


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