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ACTXA Air Disinfection
Full-Effect [TRUE] Purification, Protection [DEEP] Breathing
[ "Xiao" Brand Health Commission Certification ]

Z02 Air Disinfection

ACTXA airway proteolytic formaldehyde technology, inherited from Z01.
Endorsed by strong product strength, the "Xiao" brand has set a record, multiple sterilization, high strength and high density, and truly effectively intercepts germs.

The removal rate of bacteria and viruses is ≥99.99%, making the air cleaner, solving the air anxiety in the post-epidemic era, protecting the symbiotic home space that millions of people love and plant, and making every breath natural and comfortable.

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Multi-Dimensional Sterilization Technology
Guard Your Every Breath

Plasma active sterilization + HEPA silver mist filter interception + quadruple UVC ultraviolet lamps to eliminate residual germs.

The powerful combination of triple technology can kill bacteria and viruses in a cycle, and strongly protect the health of the respiratory system.

Professional Purification
Guard Your Ideal Symbiotic Oasis

CTX-AIR airway protein aldehyde removal technology absorbs free formaldehyde, then locks it firmly, decomposes formaldehyde into water and harmless polymers, has no hidden danger of secondary volatilization, and truly realizes healthy aldehyde removal.

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Patented Four-Inlet and Four-Outlet Air Duct
One Wins Four, Higher Conversion Efficiency

With a global invention patent, twin turbines and dual flow channels work at the same time, combined with a thick HEPA filter, it can strongly intercept allergens and common particulate matter, and purify the "mission that must be completed".

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|  Core Technology

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Tens of Millions of Plasma
Active Sterilization

Bacteria Removal Rate ≥99.99%

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HEPA-Ag+ Filter
Intercept bacteria virus

空气消毒机 (10).jpg

Quadruple UVC Sterilization
Remove Residual Bacterial Odor

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Airway Protein
Decompose Formaldehyde

Removal Rate≥99.9%

空气消毒机备用 (18).jpg

Measured Value of Formaldehyde CADR

空气消毒机 (5).jpg

Particulate Matter CADR Measured Value

空气消毒机 (12).jpg

Covers Area of 105㎡
Large space

Body Volume Reduced by 16%

|  Basic Parameters

Product Name

ACTXA Air Sterilizer

Rated Power


Launch Date


Place of Origin


Noise Level


Product Number


Rated Voltage


Air Volume Level

5 Levels

Timing Level

12 Levels

Application Area



Clothes Care Machine

Underwear Washing Machine(with water tank)

Underwear Washing Machine(without water tank)


Fogless Humidifier




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