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Born For Better Life

The birth of ACTXA stems from the rethinking of "GOOD LIFE".  A deep understanding of the ideal home space that people need is not only to improve living comfort through reasonable layout design, but also to become a home space that can breathe freely and safely.  Space, and an oasis where people, pets and plants co-exist comfortably.

Based on the insight into the essence of human nature, with the brand concept of "committed to creating a comfortable and symbiotic oasis for pets and plants", it brings together world-renowned R&D teams to study cutting-edge air purification technologies, combining the creative ingenuity of space design and the ingenuity of industrial design think.  Bringing forth a masterpiece of impeccable quality.

Since its establishment, it has always put consumers first.  Committed to solving unsatisfactory experiences and indifferent emotions, starting from every small inspiration, feeling and creating personally.  We firmly believe that one day everyone can have their ideal 100-point home space.

Create First Brand With The Concept Of "Symbiotic Oasis"

Relying on the strong belief of "I don't have that ideal purifier, I want to do that ideal", innovative airway protein decomposition formaldehyde technology, fast and harmless real decomposition, formaldehyde removal rate as high as ≥99.9%, hurricane blessing with quadruple UVC lamps + Patented dual air ducts, which can clean every angle of the home, meeting people's initial demands of making the home space an "oasis of comfortable symbiosis between pets and plants".

Let the air in the "oasis" circulate

Integrating the world's cutting-edge technology and design ingenuity, from the perspective of pragmatism, the unity of function and aesthetics is realized. To bring consumers 100% home appliances with both high-tech and design sense. Brand-new wireless design, unlimited placement, the air circulation in the "oasis" is fresh and good, highly respected by consumers and appreciated by all walks of life.

Dry And Wet Balance,
Free "Forest" Breathing

Humidifiers have been a huge breakthrough thanks to our understanding of how indoor air moves and how it affects the human body. It is found that the ground state oxygen group can sterilize and disinfect water body air up to ≥99%, truly non-toxic humidification, make the air dry and wet balance, and every breath is free and comfortable.

Reshaping The New Way Of Modern Heating

Committed to leading and shaping the new trend of home appliance design, the iconic heater is the first to be created with top craftsmanship and excellent design. Double-plate 1778.4㎡ graphene heating element, 3000W large-area rapid heating, no noise, no light, double guarantee of safety.

Garment Ironing Machine That Knows How To Take Care Of The "Emotion" Of Clothes

Focus on unrealized experiences. Started to enter the household appliances, with advanced supercharging technology, showing excellent fast steam ironing, to ensure that the characteristics of each kind of clothing can be taken care of best.

空气消毒机 (2).png

Full-Effect [TRUE] Purification, Protection [DEEP] Breathing

The home air purification series is innovative again. The National Health and Medical Commission certified the "Xiao" trademark, upgraded the triple disinfection and sterilization technology, protected the respiratory health of the family, and doubled the care of the "comfortable and symbiotic oasis of pet plants".


Clothes Care Machine

Underwear Washing Machine(with water tank)

Underwear Washing Machine(without water tank)


Fogless Humidifier




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