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Committed To Creating An Oasis Of Comfortable Symbiosis For People, Pets And Plants

Everything in the world follows the eternal law of coexistence and evolution, and home is not limited to human life, but also a space where people love each other and grow together. Especially in today's era, the home breaks the single perception of the living space by the public, constantly expands additional attributes, and becomes a multi-dimensional ecological space integrating leisure + entertainment + work.

The core concept advocated by ACTXA comes from this. We are a brand focusing on household environment appliances, and also a brand dedicated to creating a comfortable and symbiotic pet oasis for people. However, it takes a lot of effort to ensure that people get a consistent sense of comfort and pleasure delivered to them through the product.

ACTXA returns to the origin with refined technology, strives to convey the inherent quality of the product, strives for excellence, simplifies complex technology, presents texture with simple design, and achieves the ideal effect with energy saving. Use practical actions to practice the brand vision of creating a comfortable and symbiotic oasis for thousands of households in China.

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Never Compromise · Never Give Up · Never Stop

"Walk on the right path, don't compromise, don't give up, don't stop, and miracles will happen naturally." ACTXA's brand manager always keeps this sentence in mind.

When he dreamed of building a 100% ideal air purifier, his partner told him that the air purification technology is already very mature, "it only needs to modify the product a little bit." He categorically refused, because it would not produce high-level products at all, let alone bring better changes and experiences to consumers' lives. And he firmly believes that all innovative inventions must go through rigorous technical deduction, and revolutionary changes will not happen suddenly by inspiration. What we need to do more is to pay attention to the changes in details, constantly improve, learn from experience, and make continuous progress on the basis of previous works.

It is this unwavering belief that has accompanied the development of ACTXA from beginning to end. In the future, the ACTXA team will still pay close attention to the ever-changing changes in the world, and ensure that the products we launch are based on in-depth thinking about consumers, not limited to standards, but can be used by people and bring comfort to people's emotions.

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Clothes Care Machine

Underwear Washing Machine(with water tank)

Underwear Washing Machine(without water tank)


Fogless Humidifier




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