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Required parameter 1: CADR value (clean air output rate)

It is mainly divided into formaldehyde CADR value and particulate matter CADR value. The larger the value, the more clean air is output after purifying formaldehyde and particulate matter per hour, the higher the purification efficiency and the faster the purification speed.

ACTXA wind network measured value: formaldehyde CADR【719m³/h*】particulate matter CADR【1020m³/h*】.

Required parameter 2: CCM value (cumulative purification amount)

The order of international granular CCM from low to high is P1, P2, P3, P4, and the order of international formaldehyde CCM from low to high is F1, F2, F3, F4. The higher the level, the higher the cumulative purification capacity and the more durable the filter of the air purifier.

ACTXA air net measured value: [1100mg] far exceeds the national standard, better than the European standard [10 times].

Required parameter 3: Applicable area value

· Different types of air purifiers have different scopes of application, which are mainly related to the purification efficiency of the air purifier.

· Generally speaking, the bigger the better, and the air purifier with a large application area will purify a small space faster.

Actual measured value of ACTXA wind network: patented hurricane double circulation [70㎡-120㎡] large space without dead angle coverage

Required parameter 4: Removal rate value

It usually contains formaldehyde, PM2.5, bacteria, viruses and allergens, etc. The closer to 100%, the more thorough the purification effect. The more types of removal included, the more authoritative the machine detection, and the wider the scope of purification.

ACTXA air purification measured value: formaldehyde removal rate [≥99%] only needs [10 minutes] to quickly remove formaldehyde

Bacteria removal rate [≥99.99%] PM2.5 removal rate [≥99.99%] Dust mite allergen removal rate [≥99%]

Required parameter 5: noise value

It refers to the size of the sound made by the air purifier when it is working. The smaller the value, the quieter it is. A good air purifier generally has a sleep volume of about 30dB, which is not easy to detect by the ears and does not affect sleep.

Measured value of ACTXA air purification: the sleep gear is as low as [28.8dB(A)], as if the silky breathing sound of air.


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