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STIF International Science and Technology Innovation Festival and Digital Service Fair is one of the most influential annual events in the field of technological innovation and digital services. Founded in 2020, the event aims to comprehensively demonstrate the achievements of scientific and technological innovation by building a diverse and open exchange and cooperation platform. , to convey the spirit of technological innovation. Pay attention to the latest development trends of science and technology, as well as global medical technology and new applications, and contribute to the power of science and technology.

Never Make Product With 

Only 60 Points

"Only by creating a 100-point product that touches people's hearts can it be introduced to the market and meet consumers with confidence." ACTXA brand manager said with a smile. Under the guidance of this spirit, ACTXA will do its best to make each model a touching high-quality product, so that consumers can see the crystallization of precision engineering technology.

In order to present efficient and stable 100-point quality, ACTXA has achieved independent and strict control over the entire supply chain. The team has technical researchers, industrial designers, engineers, and brand creative personnel, working closely together. From appearance to product design, from technological innovation to iterative exploration, as well as from consumer research, brand connotation and other marketing links, ACTXA has a professional and powerful team behind it. Every link and every step revolves around unresolved pain points, Unsatisfactory experience and unconcerned consumer emotions promote implementation.

We also communicate and discuss regularly, which is a very fast and effective way to iterate and improve products, providing 100-point quality assurance for global consumers.

We Don't Follow Standards ·

We Create Standards

At that time, many ACTXA partners believed that the "Z10 air purifier" would never succeed. On the one hand, the price is too expensive, on the other hand, the public does not know the difference between high and low formaldehyde. Naturally, no one cared what kind of innovative technology was used. As long as you use industry standards, you can't go wrong.

However, the design team of ACTXA is clearly aware that achieving the harmless decomposition of formaldehyde is a pain point that most consumers have not yet met. According to the current technology of the industry, it is difficult to fundamentally solve it. Therefore, ACTXA's exclusive technology [Airway Protein Decomposes Formaldehyde] came into being. The speed of efficient formaldehyde removal is like taking a high-speed express train. The formaldehyde removal rate is as high as ≥99% in 10 minutes. Really harmless and really decomposes. At the same time, it has four UV lamps + patented dual air ducts blessed by hurricanes, cleaning every corner of the home. Let people living in the same space feel a consistent sense of comfort and pleasure.

In the end, in the many surveys we conducted, consumers said that they did not expect that the Z10 air purifier has such a simple appearance, but it introduces such complex technology and advanced algorithms, which can truly achieve safe, harmless and efficient formaldehyde removal. Even many content providers have publicly praised Z10's formaldehyde removal technology, calling it a milestone for air purifiers.


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